Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Do more of what makes you happy

Can I still say Happy New Year in mid January? Well, who is to say I can't so happy new year to everybody and I hope that you had a nice Christmas break.

We've spent Christmas in Berlin as every year and as always it has been very nice to be with the family. We had lots of food, wine and I finally learnt how to knit socks. I therefore got quite addicted to knitting socks and could hardly be found doing anything else between Christmas and new years eve.

I'm not a big fan of New Year's Eve and fireworks but I do like the beginning of a new year. A fresh start, the opportunity to do something new, to do things differently. I love starting a new calendar and filling it with things to look forward to.

This year, I have one big new year's resolution, which is to set up my own little business. I've been daydreaming to do this for a long time but have now started to actually do something about it. It might not work out but I won't know until I haven't tried. The funny thing is that by proactively doing something about it and getting closer to it day by day, I already feel much better! So whether it works out or not, it will be fun anyway.

I've set myself several projects that need to be accomplished in order to get to the main goal. This includes setting up a website, incorporating my blog and Etsy shop with the website etc. Unfortunately, that means that The Design Notebook will move at some point this year but it will be an even nicer place and only a click away ;-)

The other big project that Mr D and I have this year is buying a house here in the UK. How exciting, I know. I can't wait to have my own place that I can do up the way I want to! Nevertheless, we have been caught up so much working on my website that we haven't got round house hunting yet but will do so soon, and of course I will document it all here for you, for me and for everyone who is bored enough to read this.

Well, of course I also have a handful of DIY projects lined up. It's getting so busy now I have to keep a list of all my DIY ideas... First on the list is an old ornamented mirror that needs painting, then we have the 19th century Regency chest of drawers I found in a second hand shop the other day. That will need some love and attention as well. I'm also working on some Valentine's articles for my Etsy shop and am planning to give some of our furniture a new coat of paint.

So much to do, so little time.

Until next time and don't forget:

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  1. Your updates aren't boring! it' exciting to hear where you are going in life. Good luck house hunting!