Monday, 5 December 2011

Beat the Monday Blues No1

Happy Monday!

Hello everyone. I hope you had a nice and relaxing weekend. Mine was quite busy but in a good way. 
One of my friends came over on Saturday and we had a chilled crafting afternoon inspired by this nice little Christmas DIY project by Sania Pell.

I had bought some airdrying clay (DAS), cookie cutters and nice red Christmas ribbon, which is all you need to make these beautiful Christmas decorations.

In the evening I was off to the Breakfast Club in London for a birthday dinner of another friend. It's mostly famous for it's brunch but they have a nice selection of food for the evening as well.

But the best experience was Sunday. We headed off to Crouch End in North London for another birthday celebration. This time we met in The Haberdashery, a hip and stylish cafe that serves the most delicious vegetarian breakfast and... you won't believe it, is James McAvoy's local cafe. 
We went in, it's a tiny place, sat down and when I turned around to put my coat over my chair, he was sitting right behind me. OMG!!! He had his little kid with him and he seemed so down to earth and friendly that I had to force myself not to walk right up to him and say hello. 

Oh dear! I will definitely go there again!

The Haberdashery


  1. This is one of my pendind projects!!! I love this kind of rustic xmas decoration. Oh, and I wanted to let you know that your wedding "leave us a note" board was the inspiration for the one I made for my girl's Baptism, so I put a link to your blog. You're invited to come and have a look. xox Nina

  2. Wow, James McAvoy! Wie cool ist das denn?! Und vielen Dank für den entzückenden Tipp. Das Café kommt sofort auf die to-do-Liste für den nächsten Londonbesuch. Na und deine Anhänger sind auch so was von schön. :-)

  3. Hi Nina

    I had a look at your post about your daughter's Baptism and it looks amazing! You have auch a good eye for detail and I can tell that everything was done with lots of love. Awww, so nice to hear that I have been an inspiration for your memo board. It looks very cute!

    Nadine x

  4. Dear Nadine, I wish you a very happy new year and best wishes for you and your family in 2012!!
    Big hug for you.


    Great clay decorations, I love them!!