Sunday, 20 November 2011


It's the end of the weekend and I think I'm very satisfied with what I have achieved. 
Most of all I'm chuffed with the orders that have come in last week and this weekend. I sold 4 items in the last 7 days. That means I need to be creative again and make some more lovely things! 
Yay, I love having an excuse for buying materials and crafting away!
I find it very relaxing.

Is there anything you like to do to take your mind of things?

Items sold through Etsy and Folksy by designnotebook


  1. Being creative ALWAYS takes my mind off things...whether its painting or doing a bit of rearranging around the
    Your creative pieces are adorable...and good for you for getting those sales coming in...keep up the fantastic work lovely x

  2. Wonderful crafting results!! What I love to do to calm my mind is cooking a nice but simple dish. It's the perfect relaxation after a busy work day.
    I still love the beautiful design of your blog, it looks great!!

  3. Thanks so much both for your nice comments! Have a great day. Nadine