Monday, 8 February 2010

Rough Luxe Hotel London

These stunning interiors can be found in the Rough Luxe Hotel in London, which is half luxury, half rough, as it says on their website.
These charming rooms have been developed by interior designer
Rabih Hage. Rough-Luxe is actually a whole network including more hotels and restaurants but also seminars, excursions and shops, one of which is the Shakespeare & Company Bookshop in Paris (a must for every student of English Literature). It's also a philosophy which attempts to look at luxury in a different way... intrigued?
Click here to check it out.


  1. Those walls..! Sometimes I fantasize about putting wallpaper up just so that I can take it down and end up with walls like these. (I won't do it, of course - it'd be such a waste... But it's certainly a fantasy!) Anyway. Love those walls...


  2. Great pictures of amazing interiors. I love the bathroom with the showercabin of glass. Wow!