Sunday, 4 April 2010


Yesterday we went flat-hunting once again and the two favourites are these:

The first flat is just down the road from where we live at the moment. It's a 2 bedroom flat, split over two levels and set over a nail studio. Here are some pics!

Living room: very spacious with built in shelves and wardrobe.

2nd bedroom: very spacious as well and the master bedroom is even slightly bigger than this one. Both have a sink in them which is a bit odd... I guess the built-in wardrobes make up for it though!

Kitchen: Narrow L-shaped kitchen that is in serious need of some decoration. The bathroom looked quite grim with only a tiny window in the corner. It's long and narrow and offers hardly any storage space. I think this room would be the biggest challenge.

The advantages to this place are that it's in the area we love and that the rent is potentially cheaper than what we pay at the moment.

The disadvantages are that the bathroom is not on the same level as the two bedrooms but two flights of stairs down and that the flat is above a nail studio. When we entered it I thought I could smell the nail varnish but I can't remember whether it bothered me when we where in the flat, so not sure how bad it was.

The flat is generally in need of some redecoration but it's spacious and I think we could make it nice. It's a bit closer to the main road than we are at the moment so leaving the living room window open could be very noisy...
Staying in Richmond would be great though so I'm tempted with this place.

The second flat was about 15 minutes away from Richmond but just ticked all the other boxes. It's a 2 bedroom ground-floor flat situated in a nice and quite area. It has a little patio where we have BBQs and even store the bikes that we weren't able to get until now as we didn't know where to store them.

The living room is very big offering enough space for all our furniture including the dining table. I also love the wooden floors and the fact that the flat is really light and airy.

This is one of the two bedrooms. They are both roughly the same size and seemed quite spacious as well.

The disadvantage is that this place is not in Richmond and that it's a bit of a walk to the train station but there are good bus links to Richmond and we could get some bikes so we have the option to bike to Richmond.
This place is also a bit more expensive than the first one and we would have to put in a lower offer and hope that the landlord accepts it.
I must admit that I loved the place from the minute I walked in. I have seen the other place twice now and always have to stretch my imagination to tell myself that we can make it feel like home.

We have two more viewings on Tuesday evening and have also found some more flats on the Internet that we will need to inquire about on Tuesday so the search goes on...

Nethertheless, we'll put an offer down for both places on Tuesday morning and see what the landlords say.

Wouldn't it be great if I could have the second flat but located in Richmond? Oh well... I must sleep on it a few more nights...

What do you think?



  1. Isn't that always the problem, the perfect flat not in the perfect place. That's why I like house hunting when it's not for me. (Sorry, it's so much more fun from this end.)

  2. I have imagined my first home on my own, I thing is's a lot harder than I thought. Will I ever move from my parents?

  3. Well I prefer the second flat. I can understand that it is a bit further then what you guys were looking for, but sometimes it is worth to have the perfect place to call home.

    I wish you luck for Tuesday


  4. Hi Nadine:) I think if you love the 2nd flat then not being in Richmond will be ok, especially if you are not that far from it and can still get the bus or even better get some bikes:) I think you need to be really happy with your actual home as you spend so much time and put so much of yourself into it, even when renting. It should be a space that you love coming home to and can relax in:) I do like the pics of both flats though. Good luck for your viewings on Tuesday ~ Tina x

  5. You know that wherever you live are going to make it homely...see it as a good challenge to work on your ID skills :)
    I love the second there is more space..but I suppose you have to weigh up all the pros and cons with it...and what will work out best for you both in the long run. Good luck with it sweety.....I hope they accept your offer x

  6. Thanks so much guys for your feedback. After having written that post yesterday and having noted down all the pros and cons I realized that my heart is set much more on the second flat! I can't wait to put some offers in tomorrow. Will let you know how it's going!

  7. Hi Nadine! I see you have made your decision, but let me say that I also prefer the second flat!!! I love the wooded floor and the light!So, fingers crossed for your offer!!!

  8. Oh, I luv that second one! I think it is my fav so far, and I still like the very first one that you had posted prior.

    Hope you had a great weekend Nadine. I'm hosting another giveaway, please pop over and join if you have the time :)

  9. if not too far...the 2nd one looks better. Evene reading the post looks like you prefer it.
    And i must confess: how could I live with the bathroom not closed to the bedroom????