Thursday, 25 February 2010

100th post!

I can't tell you how happy I was when I read all your positive feedback to Anna's guest post yesterday! Thanks so much to everyone for commenting.

Anna's post has made me think about my own style and I must say that I can't pin myself down to one single style either. I like mixing different stuff and love the eclectic look, so I'm pretty much a mix of all those characteristics...I guess.

But let's come to today's post which is actually my 100th post.


I started this blog in October last year as a kind of 'inspirational notebook' while pursuing my course in Interior Design and although it takes up a lot of time and and energy, I have gained so much from it that I wouldn't want to miss it (although I sometimes could do with a few more hours sleep instead)!

BIG THANK YOU to everyone that has been following pretty much from the beginning and BIG WELCOME to all the new followers. I hope you will enjoy my blog and find some inspiration here...

Speaking of inspiration I should stop blabbering and start bringing on the eye candy! Today it comes from UK based stylist Selina Lake. You might know her brilliant book Bazaar Style, which is currently on my wish list for books!

She's a big name here in the UK, having worked for Living etc, Country Homes & Interiors, Marie Claire, Ideal Home, House Beautiful etc... I love her colourful style and she like mix and matching too... ;-)

(images: Selina Lake)
Have a nice day!
Nadine x


  1. Happy 100 posts!! I hear ya, I'm a newbie blogger too, have zero time in my life, but oddly I feel I have to blog too!

    Love the bazaar book...thanks for the tip, i'll put it on my list!!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!and happy 100 post!this is only the beginning of this fantastic blog Nadine!!!
    I didn´t Know Seline, but her work it´s beautiful!!

  3. congrats! the book looks fabulous.

  4. COngrats to you on your 100th post Nadine:) I LOVE Selina Lake's work (lots of cuttings from Country Living in my inspiration folders by her)and her blog is just as gorgeous! That book is also on my birthday wish list:) I hope you get your copy sooner rather than later! Enjoy your day ~ Tina x

  5. Hello Lovely, thanks for bringing Selina into our design world...a great you are :) x