Thursday, 4 March 2010

Bedrooms in neutral colours

First of all BIG thank you to Anna from Lona De Anna for giving this beautiful award to all her followers.

Thanks so much. I love your blog and am very happy I found it!!

If you haven't checked out Anna's blog yet, make sure to head over there soon!

But let's come to today's post. I came across these beautiful bedrooms while browsing through Marie Claire Maison. I love the natural colour palette used here. It's so relaxing, isn't it?

I'm absolutely smitten with the next room...sigh...


  1. Oh I love that first image Nadine ~ what a gorgeous bedroom!!! I love Anna and her blog too, she really is a treasure in this blogging world. Thanks for sharing these gorgeous bedrooms!! ~ Tina xx

  2. Good morning Nadine!!!I love bedrooms in neutra colours!!my room is paint in neutral colours too and it´s very paceful to sleep there.. I´d like a bedroom like first!!
    Have a good day!!!!!!!!!!!;-)

  3. Wow, the images are lovely Nadine! I love the first bedroom it looks so luxurious and relaxing.
    Nellie xx

  4. Wow as soon as I saw the first pic I knew that would be my favourite. It's a beautiful bedroom and I want it. Thanks for sharing.

  5. Lovely selection of bedrooms Nadine. They seem to belong to fairytales. I particularly like the picture above the bed in the second photograph. The absense of fuss and combination of all those pale blues make the room so
    peacful and soothing.
    Hope you're having a great weekend!