Thursday, 4 March 2010

Tagged: 7 Things You Don't Know About Me

Anna from Lona de Anna and Samantha from The Nest have tagged all their readers to share 7 things about themselves and as I'm following both blogs I felt that I couldn't ignore being tagged twice... ;-)

So here we go...

1. I grew up in East Germany and was 10 years old when the wall finally came down. Until then I hadn't seen any other country as we were literally locked in. I'm very thankful for the fall of the wall in 1989 as otherwise I wouldn't be where I am today!

2. I met the love of my life 5 years ago when studying in the UK for a year. We've been inseparable since then and I've relocated to the UK over two years ago.

3. I'm a bit of a loner... I cherish the moments I can spend on my own lost in books or blogs or redecorating something. I'm not a big party animal although I love meeting up with friends and chatting over some lovely food and wine.

4. I was dancing in a dance company from the age of 9 until 27. I loved it and we were taking part in nationwide competitions. Our biggest success was winning the Berlin Championships in Jazz and Modern-Dance 5 years in a row!

Can you spot me?

5. When I finished school in Berlin I wanted to go abroad to see the world but unlike my friends I didn't fancy spending a year in the States as an Au-pair and I didn't know about Work-and-Travel in Australia back then (otherwise that would have been an option as well).
I decided to go to Israel and work in a Kibbutz for 8 month. I was based in the South, close to a small town called Ashkelon and about 20 min from Gaza. On my days off I travelled the whole country. It's a fascinating place and I learned a lot... too much to put in a post... but I will never forget that time.

6. I'm crazy about animals...dogs, cats, horses, alpacas, sheep... you name it. Anything that doesn't have more than 4 legs is quite cute and adorable in my eyes and seeing an animal hurt is breaking my heart. When I was a little girl my mum always had to switch over the channel as soon as an animal got killed in some kind of nature programme because I just wouldn't stop crying...

7. I regard life as a journey and I try to enjoy every single moment of it. I don't want to rush through it. Instead I'm looking forward to all the stops that are still lying before me such as getting married, having kids, buying a house and building a home... I believe that anything is possible in life. It's all up to you!

So now you know!!!

I'll pass this tag on to everyone who reads this post and hasn't been tagged yet.

Looking forward to reading 7 random facts about you!!


  1. Hi Nadine, thank you for sharing! What a lovely, insightful post. We have a few things in common ;) Looking forward to visiting again x

  2. Wow Nadine ~ what a fabulous list of 7 things!! I loved learning these things about you!! What a childhood you must have had and what an experience to be able to see the wider world after the Berlin Wall came down. I see we have dancing in common and from the same ages too, how funny!! I would love to hear more about your time on a kibbutz and your tijme in Israel, what an amazing experience for a young person. Thanks so much for sharing your 7 things with us ~ Tina x

  3. Great list of 7! I am from Germany too... I was born in the West but both my parents are originally from the East. I went back to Germany this summer for a visit (my third visit back home since we left) and I was heartbroken when it came time to leave (as usual). I am going to post some of my travel pics on my blog soon, I can let you know when I have done so if you care to see them... :)

  4. Such fun facts!


  5. Israel is a great & very fascinating country! I've had the pleasure to travel from north to south about 4 years ago and it was one of my most exciting journeys.

  6. Where am I?

    What is this place?

    Can anyone help?