Monday, 7 June 2010


Hello from our new flat!!!!!!!!!!! I'm finally online, all boxes (well, except two) are unpacked, the place looks nice and I have a new old vintage bike that I now ride to the train station every day.

Too quick? Not enough details? But where do I start? Ok, first of all I have a confession to make.

I have been very unprofessional and have not taken any before pics... :-( I know, I know... I can hear you all sigh and say OH NO!!! I'm truly sorry but let me tell you that you wouldn't have been able to see anything anyway.

When we moved in the furniture and the boxes took up the whole place so that we could hardly walk. I was slightly worried that the place was too small for us but bit by bit, box by box... I discovered the potential of this place and realized what I wanted to do with it...

The place looks very nice already but it's still a work in progress.

My current project is getting some old vintage crates to use as bookshelves on the wall... for some reason I have far too many books... ;-)

This is what I have in mind...


  1. oohhhh uuuhhh ahhhh
    the first pic is amazing!

    wish you a lot of fun...

  2. Hi Nadine, it is so lovely to see a post from you. Yay for being in your flat,how wonderful that you can now settle in and enjoy it:) I love the crate storage idea, all these pictures are fabulous! Have fun hunting for some for your flat. Hope you have a fabulous week ~ Tina xx

  3. That is wonderful news, it is good to hear that you are almost settled in. Moving is such a big job and I don't envy you at all, except for all of the redecorating you got to do! I love the ideas of the crate storage and I particularly like the Bedzine imagae! I would love to recreate that at home. xx

  4. Love this idea, happy hunting!

  5. Well hello there and welcome back! Great idea for bookshelves! I use crate boxes as nightstands, as we choose to keep the matress on the floor..

  6. Welcome back!!!!
    I'm sure You'll do a great work with your crates.

  7. Good to hear from you again, nice to know that everything went well and that you like the new flat. The idea you have is great with the vintage crates for your books. Wonderful!

  8. Glad you're already settling in. I know it's a lot of hard work but I really enjoy this part of moving, choosing where and how everything should go, moving things about until they are exactly where one feels they ought to be. It's so exciting!
    Making a bookshelf out of vintage crates is a great idea. Remember to fasten them well to the wall, you don't want the whole thing collapsing on top of you!

    A happy weekend to you Nadine!

  9. I absolutely love this post...every single image is great! Promise you'll share pictures?