Wednesday, 24 February 2010

Guest Blog: What does your decor style say about you?

Today is a very exciting day for me as I'm joined in this post by fellow blogger Anna from Anna de Lona. I found Anna's gorgeous blog a few weeks ago and absolutely fell in love with her style and her witty posts.

That's the thing I love about blogging! You suddenly meet people living on the other side of the world and whom you normally wouldn't have met. You start exchanging ideas and sometimes little friendships may grow...

Anna was so kind to accept my humble invitation to be a guest blogger on my blog and here we go... doing what usually only the 'pros' do...

Scroll down and be inspired by lovely Anna and don't forget to check out her beautiful
blog! Anna - thanks so much for joining me today!
Hello fellow bloggers!!!....This is Anna here from Lona de Anna and I am so thrilled and flattered to have been asked by the beautiful Nadine to feature a post as a guest blogger here on her amazing blog page!!

Nadine you are a darling...I’m so honoured that you asked and...I hope I don’t fail terribly!?!

I thought I would continue a post that I did on my own blog recently called...What’s your style?
This topic still baffles me...and after working on this post it only confirms to me that I am definitely all these styles combined..a little bit of everything.. Eclectic is going to have to be the word that best describes my Decor Style .

I know that when it comes to home decor everyone has different tastes. Some love the modern or contemporary, while others love country, rustic or the romantic style of shabby chic. But have you ever really thought about what your favourite decor say about you? Well...perhaps more than you may have thought?

Every piece of furniture tells a story, and everything about your interior has soul.

Some Examples...

MODERN may be the modernistic chic?
If you love modern styling, you are more than likely a no nonsense person who likes everything straight and to the point. This type of home decor often consists of simple, sparse furnishings with straight lines and minimal fuss.

NY Places may be the Shabby chic?

Those who are crazy about shabby chic decor are often romantic at heart. This style exudes a soft and airy feeling, with a romantic look. Pastels and a worn or washed look add old charm to this style. Furniture is often whitewashed and worn around the edges. Chandeliers, plant stands, candles and all other accents are usually a tad on the feminine side.

Home Design & Interior may be the Exotic chic?

Do you love exotic or Asian colours and accents? If you are one who loves a look that is anything but traditional, you are probably a bold person yourself. Rich colours are often used in this decor. Reds, gold’s, blacks, burnt orange - like the colours in this decor, you are more than likely no shrinking violet. Asian and exotic styling demands attention, and will not be ignored. Does this sound like you?

Room Envy

COUNTRY....You may be the Country style chic?

Then we come to country home decor. This style is commonly used by people who are extremely warm and friendly. The more company, the better! You have a place in your home and your heart for anyone and everyone. This look is charming, comfortable and welcoming, just like you. You enjoy nothing better than having a kitchen full of visitors, waiting to eat a slice of your homemade apple pie.

Country Living

You can see how people’s personalities often lend to the style of decor they choose.

In my opinion..when it comes to decorating the place you call it your own home, a rental, a caravan...wherever it is that you live......its not important that it reflect the latest trends or styles that we so often drool over in the latest Home Decor magazines.....what is important is that it represents what you want it to say...That this is me!!

Surround yourself with the things you love and that feed your soul...wheither it be flowers, photographs, books, collectibles from a trip you once took, that odd looking ornament that you just cant help but love, ....anything really...and you will soon realise that your love the space you live in because it reflects you !


  1. I feel like I'm a mixture, too! (of country and modern, interestingly enough.)

  2. BIG HUG :) THANK YOU ...this post was so much fun to do XXXXX

  3. Oh how wonderful to find this post by the gorgeous Anna!! Love it, you did a wonderful job with this post Anna ~ yay you:) Still think I am a mixture of a lot of styles, I have to include a little bit of daggy in there too:) FANTASTIC post ~ Tina xx

  4. can i be all 3???? i love miss anna and her blog!

    your blog is fantastic too. will be following

  5. Great post that really made me think about my interior style - I too love Anna and her blog :)

  6. Hi Nadine and Anna! You make a great team! Wonderful, thoughtful post!

  7. I love Anna and thank you so much for posting about her!!


  8. Hi all,

    Thanks so much for your kind feedback and BIG THANKS to Anna!!! This was great fun and it was a pleasure to have Anna on my blog!!!

    Anna - I think we did a great job! ;-) xx

  9. This is such a wonderful post! I'm a mix of modern and shabby... Can't wait to see more of what you have in store :)