Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Build me up buttercup...

When I left work at 5:30pm today it was actually still slightly light outside. Well, at least it wasn't pitch black yet. Does that mean that spring is on it's way?? I really hope so. I'm in need of some sun!!!

With this in mind I'll leave you for today to enjoy these beautiful pics by London-based freelance stylist Miranda Watchorn... I love this first pic! What would I give to be in that field right now...sigh...


  1. Gorgeous images....so strange that you are heading into spring and us Autumn...as its still quite warm here ( although today is overcast) and many flowers are still in bloom. Spring is my favourite season...it really lifts me spirits ..just love everything about it!

  2. Beautiful photo's!
    Last saturday I was taking breakfast with my husband outside on our patio, in the sunshine like a beautiful springday. It was quiet warm too...the birds were signing etc. Today it is SNOWING and "bloody" cold (like they say in the UK;-) in Austin!!! Can you believe that! The world is going crazy!

    So my mind goes for the photo "Belles Rives", near the sea...

    Thanks for sharing!

  3. I'd love to look out the window into that first photo, but unfortunately it looks more like the last one! White snow, everywhere. I do like all white interiors though. They're so very meditative.

  4. Spring is my favourite time of the year as well! Can't wait for the clocks to go forwards (or is it backwards) and hour so the days are getting longer. Well, February is almost over so Spring must be waiting around the corner.

    I bet winter in Australia is not that bad. Can't imagine it getting very cold,does it ;-).