Tuesday, 6 April 2010


Today we will be putting an offer in for both flats and I'm so excited. My heart is set on the second fat which is about 5 min from Richmond.

I was itching to go back and see it again yesterday but it being bank holiday there was obviously no chance to do that.

We then decided to explore the area around it instead and I must say that I was impressed. The flat is set in a nice lovely area, only 8 min from Richmond Park. For all of you who don't know this part of the woods, Richmond Park is the largest Royal Park in London with almost 2500 acres and around 650 free roaming deer.

It's such a nice area that I will be be very surprised if they accept our cheeky offer. Oh well, let's keep our fingers crossed...
To distract myself a bit I've uploaded some more pics from Bologna for you that I took in one of the many cute shops in the city.

I love this lamp!!!


  1. Hope you get that lovely flat! The views look amazing!

  2. Una preciosa tienda llena de tesoros!

    Saludos desde España
    Elisa :)

  3. Oh Nadine..I hope you get it..I will have my fingers and toes crossed for you. Love these pics you've added..some are even worth framing I think..maybe in your gorgeous new apartment in Richmond..which you are GOING to get ; ) x

  4. sending the good luck vibes from across the atlantic!

  5. que tienda más bonita!!
    y los relojes..!!
    y las lamparas..!!
    me encanta.

  6. We keep fingers and toes crossed!

    I wish I had visited a few shops when I was there, they look awesome.


  7. Dear Nadine,
    I keep my fingers crossed for you! How lovely would be to live near a park where there are free deer!!!