Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Vintage from RE

Buying vintage and second hand items seems to become more and more fashionable nowadays. Be it old second hand linen, tables made from old wooden doors, mix and matched chairs from flea markets or grandmas handmade sofa cushions, second hand items bring character to interiors and often are an important eye catcher that make a room look stunning and unique. I personally love second hand stuff and nothing is more exciting than rummaging through old stuff in charity shops or spending a Sunday morning looking for unwanted pieces on flea markets. These items have outlived their lifespan for their previous owners but with a little bit of TLC and maybe a new coat of paint they can become the most precious pieces in your home. And the best thing is: they don't cost the world!

So in my search for old stuff I came across RE, a home accessories store based in Corbridge, a small market town in the Northeast of England. RE was founded in 2003 by Simon Young and Jenny Vaughan, who have both worked in fashion for many years. Their store offers a huge selection of quirky and unusual home accessories, some of which are old and restored while others are new and made or sourced locally.

My favourite find are these lamps made from vintage jelly mould or old colanders...

Like the look? Check out there website!

(images: RE)


  1. Wow - I would love to check out this store with you! :) Comming to think I haven´t been to London in ages! :(

  2. Hi! Tolle Sachen! Besonders die Herzanhänger und Lampen sind gigantisch. Wegen den Shopping-Möglichkeiten beneide ich Dich schon ein wenig, dass Du in Großbritannien lebst ;-)

  3. The Design Notebook13 February 2010 at 18:25

    Die Lampen gefallen mir auch sehr gut. Allerdings ist der Laden soweit im Norden, dass ich da wahrscheinlich auch nie hinkommen werde :-(