Thursday, 1 December 2011

New blog feature: Beat the Monday Blues

The weekend is approaching and once again I can't wait! Weekends mean being able to spend quality time with my husband, being creative, catching up with friends, strolling over flea markets, cooking yummy food (or even better having yummy food cooked for me), blogging, getting lost in a book... and surprise, surprise, they are usually much too short to cram all these activities in. 

So I've decided it's time to prolong our weekend and to beat the Monday blues by starting a little Monday special, where we can share our little weekend gems to help us into the new week. This could be a pic of your cosy reading corner where you love to chill out on weekends, your favourite spot in your home, something you've made, baked, designed on the weekend, a lovely pic of your cute pet or whatever makes you think of the weekend gone by. 

Send it to me with a little description (best if I could have them by Sunday evening) and I'll be more than happy to post one on my blog.

Can't wait.

Nadine x

I know the weekend hasn't started yet but I was lucky enough to have today off so feels like Sunday to me ;-)

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