Friday, 20 May 2011


I don't know if you sometimes feel the same but I have phases where I feel the urge to create something or at least do some DIY, paint some furniture and then rearrange a room to make it look fresh.

Once I've started a project, I get into the zone and am not able to stop until I have finished it. (How inconvenient that I have to go to work inbetween!) I can completely forget everything else around me and just focus on this one thing. It's the most relaxing experience!

As I'm in the middle of one of these 'creative outbursts', I have made quite a few things: a Thank You Board for my wedding, some crochet flower brooch for my shop, a tote bag with a butterfly design, a collage for my friends kid's room, I rearranged my craft room and am now impatiently waiting for the staple gun, the distressed ink and the rustic ribbon I ordered, to start all the other projects I have in mind.

I'm also planning to paint some of my furniture, one of which is an old IKEA dresser that's desperately in need of some jazzing-up. I love the look of the dresser below and will use this for inspiration.
On the weekend I will share some pics of my recent projects with you. Till then, enjoy your Friday!

(via pinterest)


  1. Yes I get those urges all the time. But then I get home and sit on the couch, flip through a mag, and am too tired to get my butt into gear!

  2. I absolutely love that dresser! That green is gorgeous!

  3. talk about drop into my world, i come swinging by to say hi and thanks and what the heck do i see??? the perfect answer to my dresser painting question!! i love that paint job and i am going to try it with my girls' favorite pink...beautiful! thank!

  4. Hi Leanne

    So glad you found some inspiration here. Can't wait to see your dresser once it's finished!!