Monday, 1 November 2010

Notes on designing a study

I'm currently working on a mood board for a study and before starting to put it together I wanted to make clear for myself what is important when designing a study.

This are my main points:

  • light neutral decor to maximise natural light and create the perfect atmosphere for work
  • good sized desk with ample drawer space and plenty of space to work on
  • plenty of storage option on desk to hold stationary and essentials to keep the desk clutter free
  • good task lighting
  • memo board /blackboard over the desk for keeping reminders
  • filing cabinet and storage boxes to store documents and paperwork and keep the room look tidy
  • open Shelves over desk for additional storage of books
  • mix and match furniture to create a modern look
  • and finally: add personality through a mixture of family photographs, books and other personal items
Anything else you'd like to add?

(images: Ideal Home)

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