Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Snowy Berlin

You may wonder (...or maybe you don't...) why I haven't posted anything recently and the reason is that I'm in Berlin visiting my mum. I know, I know... the pics don't look like Berlin but it certainly is. Ok, it's not the city centre but it's still Berlin and yes, there is almost as much snow as in Lapland (as one Brit sitting behind me on the plane commented when we landed in Berlin). The reason I haven't posted anything yet is that my mum's internet is shockingly slow but I had to upload some pics for you today since the snow is sooo pretty...
Me and Hannah, our Sibirean Husky, are certainly having a great time!


  1. I am not so much one for snow, but these photos are so lovely! Your dog is such a cutie.

  2. Oooo I LOVE snow and that is such a lovely shot of you and Hannah

  3. Hi Madhu,

    Welcome back to my blog and thanks a lot for all your feedback!! You're right about the desk. Lot's of things have to be taken into consideration and I went for option 1 in the end although I did prefer option 2 but that didn't leave enough space for our dinner table.
    Hope you come back soon!