Thursday, 28 January 2010

Me time...

The best way to recharge your batteries is having some precious Me Time! We all now that this can be quite rare due to our hectic lifestyles, daily routines, chores, even keeping up your social life, seeing friends etc can keep you from having some time for yourself. I need this time all by myself to calm down and re-focus. In my Me Time I love snuggling up on the sofa with a nice cup of tea a good book or magazine. I also like relaxing in a hot bath with nice music and candles or cuddling up in bed with my laptop reading your lovely blogs. How do you recharge your batteries? Do you enjoy these quite moments by yourself as well? How do you like spending them?

(image: Country Homes and Interiors Magazine)


  1. Hey Nadine,

    I totaly agree with your "Me Time". I love it too.
    I googled yesterday something with design and came along on your blog. I just love it. And your pictures, but certainly the way you're writing. You are very good at it. Ever thought of being writer? You could start your own decoration magazine!
    So just to let you know me a bit. Im Belgian, but live with an English man in Texas. He doesn't like the English design-decoration, but I love it.
    So you follow design courses? Do you do that on line or evening school? I'm trying to find good on line courses...

  2. Hi Gayle,

    Thanks so much for your comment and compliment!!! It's lovely to hear that you like my blog. Comments like this one certainly keep me going. I'd love to write about design full time! Starting my own design magazine, wow, that's certainly a great idea. Would love to do that! Yes, I'm taking an online course in interior design, which consists of twelve modules and assignments. It's great because you can schedule it around work etc and I needed the course to be flexible enough to do that. I'm really enjoying it and it covers everything from architectural history, to developing lighting plans, colour and finish schedules, room plans etc...
    How do you enjoy living in Texas? Are you thinking about taking an online course as well?

    All the best,

  3. Hey Nadine,

    How are you?

    Well, I don't like Texas so much, we hope to move to FLorida soon.
    (Texas home decoration is horrible;-).

    I'm indeed looking for an on-line course, and yours seem to be good. I have of course plenty of choices in the USA too, but I don't like the american interior decoration style. I guess I'm too European :-).
    Your couse seem complete for what you told me, could you give me a website where I could gather some information?
    For the moment I'm learning decoration just by myself, buy some books, look at blogs etc. I have the complete collection of Potterybarn catalogues/books. I love that shop and go to every course they do. On sunday there is a bathroom decoration course where I saved 2 spaces, for my husband and I. Otherwise I very much like the coastal living kinda style.
    Are you thinking of having a career as a decorator/designer? Or do you do it as a hobby?

    Talk to you soon,

  4. PS:
    Gayle is the English equivalent for Gaelle(which is a French name.)

  5. Hi Gaelle,

    I'd love to start a career in interior design or ideally combining my experience in publishing with my interest in interior design. I'll look inti it once I've finished the course. Good to hear that you're interested. I think there is an American and an English website for the institute. The one I use is
    Let me know what you think. I can only recommend it. It's interesting but also challenging.
    Reading books and blogs on interior design helps to establish your own taste and is a fun way to keep up to date with current trends. I certainly love it!!

    Wishing you all the best for your course on Saturday.

    A bien tot,


  6. Absolutely!! LOVE me time!! Sometimes at home and sometimes out at some lovely cafe having toast and sipping coffee with some reading material or just staring into space and just being :-)

  7. Bonjour Nadine!

    Thanks for the informations!
    I took a look at the institute you gave me the adress of, but I guess I'm going for this one :,looks pretty good. I did receive a few brochures this week and this one looks the best to me. It goes with DVD's and books, material to draw, etc. We can take the time we want like most schools do, there are 6 projects to make. But as Im working from home (as a freelance translator) I'll have the time I need.

    So how is Berlin? Still so cold I suppose... Never went there, it is still on my "where to go" list;-). I would love to see all the capitals of each European Country, I've seen most of them, but still a few left. And I do speak German too !

    A bientot,

  8. Hi Gaelle,

    Glad you found a course you like and it looks very good as well!
    I'm back in England now where it is slightly warmer and no more snow.
    Really enjoyed Berlin and seeing my family. It's a great city with lots to see and lots to do. much history to discover... I can only recommend it. I've never been to Belgium but would love to go. Where excactly are you from? Do you want to send me your email address? Will make it easier to communicate. :-)

    A bientot und bis bald,


  9. Hallo Nadine,

    Ich bin von Brussel.
    Left my country 4 years ago... Bored of the bad weather, like you have in England ;-).

    How long have you been in the UK? By reading you I couldn't tell English wasn't your mother tongue!

    We can certainly communicate through e-mail. My address is

    Bis bald,