Monday, 26 April 2010


The weather has been lovely in the UK recently and I'm slowly but surely looking forward to moving into our new place.
It will have a little patio area and I hope that it gets the sun in the mornings, so we can have breakfast outside.
As far as I remember one of the walls is painted in a nice deep blue colour and I would love to get some lovely plants in pots to add some greenery to the scenery... :-)

(image: Apartment Therapy)


  1. Hi Nadine! wow! is there anything better than having breakfast in your patio? I also will have a patio in my new home and I can't wait to be here with a good cup of tea just relaxing!

    Have a great week!

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  3. We're looking for a patio (well, small balcony) set at the moment! I like this one,This will be a great place to start looking.wind spinner

  4. Love the idea of the fireplace and the plants outside. It creates a great blend of indoor and outdoor for a great looking patio. I actually read another blog similar to this one earlier, He call'd Stephan Beaulieu and photographs of its buildings are quite nice. If you have any other addresses of people who build wood decks in Montreal, thank you to add them here. I'm looking for! :-) Ciao.

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