Tuesday, 30 March 2010


I'm back from Bologna and it's time for a catch-up. I'm sorry I haven't been in touch for so long but I was literally cut off in Bologna as I didn't have any Internet access.

I just got back last night so I have lots of stuff to do but I couldn't wait another day to say hello to my lovely readers! First of all, thanks so much for all your lovely comments and support. That made me feel much better about moving and I'm now quite excited to find a new place!
But let's start at the beginning: Bologna was great. I spend the first few days at the Children's book fair and then did some sightseeing on the weekend with Dave who came over from London on Friday afternoon.
The weather was a bit grim to start with but then became better and better and we were lucky enough to enjoy some lovely sunshine. And don't get me started on the food... it was absolutely amazing... My favourite place was Taverna del Postiglione.If you ever go to Bologna make sure to stop by there and have some food! It's delicious!!!

But now we're back in London and reality kicked in again...

The flat we looked at in Chiswick was quite nice but they needed people to move in straight away and we aren't able to move before May as we are tied into our contract until then...
The other places we've seen were either to far away from trains or tubes or were too small...

Oh well, the search goes on and we'll see some more places this Friday and Saturday... well, that's my Easter weekend sorted... ;-)

I'll keep you updated. Until then I leave you some eye candy from Bologna... I took these pictures in a shop called Maison du Monde on Via Francesca Rizolli...

There are some more pics to come tomorrow but now it's bedtime for me I'm afraid... Good night!


  1. Maison du Monde is one of my favorite shops. They have one in Brussels where I've been when I visited my mom.

  2. Welcome back Nadine! Your photos are lovely and I am looking forward to seeing more. I dream of visiting Europe one day and seeing all these gorgeous places for myself! Good luck in your house/home hunting. xx

  3. So glad You had a good time in Bologna!!!
    The we was great here, and I saw You had some time to walk around.
    Hope You'll find your place asap!

  4. Welcome back Nadine!! You have been missed:) It looks and sounds like you had a wonderful time in Bologna, thank you for sharing these gorgeous pics!! Good luck for the househunting, sorry the first few didn't work out, it just means the right one is still out there waiting for your to find it:) Wishing you a lovely day ~ Tina xx

  5. I absolutely love your header!!!!
    And the photos are great! Glad you enjoyed!

  6. Beautiful photos from Bologna, never been there before but they say it's a beautiful city. I like the typical Italian passages with curved ceelings, wow!

  7. Nice blog, beautiful post. I'll be here more often.
    Thanks to sharing nice stuff w/ us.



  8. What a fab trip..so much eye candy...looks like you had a fab time. I so hope you find a lovely place to settle soon honey.I know it can get quite tiresome...good luck with it all xo