Thursday, 19 November 2009

Gifts, gifts, gifts

So in Tuesday I was on a training course all day and it actually turned out to be quite interesting. We learned about different types of characters and their different ways of interacting. There are four main types: The REDS, which are extroverted and fact focused, the YELLOWS who are extroverted and people focused, the GREENS who are introverted and people focused and the BLUES who are introverted and fact focused. I could see quite a bit of green in me so now I understand, why I'm never part of the loud bunch... that's just not who I am. Anyway... when I got back to my desk I had a nice suprise waiting for me. A parcel from dotgiftshop, where I had ordered some little christmas nig nacs, had arrived for me. My favourites are the stressed silver glass tea candle holders (what a long word!). They look amazing!!! I lighted them yesterday evening and had to keep looking at them because they are so pretty. So if you are still looking for a nice little Christmas present or Christmas decorations check out this website...
Let me know what you think!

Speak to you soon,

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