Tuesday, 1 November 2011

Berlin Blogger's Meetup + Book Party by decor8

I'm so excited to attend Holly Beckers blogger and book event in Berlin on the 12th November!

Holly Becker from decor8 will be presenting her book Decorate (German title Lust auf Wohnen) and share her story from the very beginning, how blogging changed her life, all about the book Decorate and the inspiration behind it and of course there will be lots of hints and tips for those of us who are aspiring to do something similar with their talents!

When I first read about I could hardly believe how an event could be so perfect! It's an amalgamation of all the things I love: my home town Berlin, interior design, Holly's book (it's amazing, you should definitely get it!), my favourite German magazine Brigitte (I always get people to bring me a copy when they come over from Germany), Etsy (don't have to mention that I love crafting, do I?), and it will be full of like-minded bloggers!!! Soooo excited!

Is anybody else going?



  1. I love your autumn pics from your previous post!! The colors are amazing, hughs ANja

  2. Thanks Anja! I love autumn! It's my favourite month!

  3. Liebe Nadine,
    ich schaffe es leider nicht am 12.! Bin auch sehr traurig deswegen!
    Viele liebe Grüße,