Sunday, 7 March 2010


I hope you guys had a great weekend. Mine was very nice. We met some friends on Saturday night and together we went for dinner in a lovely country pub just outside London. It was a great evening!

Today we went to a car boot sale where I picked up these little treasures: a straw hat bought from a nice French lady (it reminded me of France), a 1903 edition of Shakespeare, a vintage sugar sack (no idea yet what I will do with that but I liked the look of it) and an old wooden frame which I want to use to create an inspiration board...

Any idea what I can do with the vintage sacks?

Over on Tina's blog, Rubies Place, I saw that she bought similar sacks and is planning to make cushions from them.
While I think this is a brilliant idea, I'm not quite sure I'm talented enough for that...
Well, Tina, I will wait for some inspiration from you ;-)

So what have you been up to on the weekend?


  1. What great finds. I love the sugar sack. I think cushion covers would be lovely but I am not that great with the sewing machine either. You could frame it or cover a lampshade with it.

  2. What fabulous finds Nadine! Love them all. I can't wait to see your frame turned into an inspiration board!! As for that gorgeous sack, you could do so many things...cushions, upholster the seat of a chair, stretch it over a canvas, make a shopping bag, as Nella suggested, cover a lampshade, pop it in a frame, make a table runner...lots of fab ideas. If it is large enough, you could even make a roll up blind if you have a window it will fit. If you google 'burlap' you will find heaps of wonderful inspiration:) I can't wait to see what you make, I am sure that whatever it is, it will be gorgeous. Enjoy your lovely new treasures! I studied all weekend :) ~ Tina x

  3. What terrific little finds Nadine...I think Tina covered all the suggestions on what you can do with the sack....If I had an old vintage chair I would reupholster it ...otherwise I think hang it up...staple gun it to a good sized canvas ..super would be kind of a shame to cut it up. Love the straw hat too :) x

  4. Maybe it could be the background to your inspiration board? Lovely finds by the way.

  5. Thanks so much for all these brilliant ideas! I was thinking of using the sack as the background to the inspiration board as well but then thought that it would be a pitty if it was covered up by something else...
    I love Anna's idea of stapling it to a canvas! And I think I'd actually be capable of doing that myself ;-). But I also love Tina's suggestion of making bags from it! Mmhh, I will have to make up my mind I guess... Now I wish I had bought more than one but you guys should have seen the face of my boyfriend when I bought just the one sack!

  6. Good Morning Nadine!!!I love your "treasures"!!I´m agree with the girls, you can do a lot of thinks with the old sacks!!enyoy the treasures!!;-)

  7. Gorgeous treasures! I like the idea of using the sacks as wall art, either behind a large wooden frame (you could hand sew some bunches of silk flowers into a corner or two), or stretched out over a canvas.

    My secret to my polaroids: shhhhhhh.... ;)