Sunday, 28 February 2010

The doorstep to your personal haven...

I always find that the entrance is the most important room in a flat or house as it's the first impression that people get when they come to your place.
House to Home

I think your entrance or hallway has a major influence on how the rest of your house will be perceived. I have a very quirky and small entrance hall that is kind of separated from the rest of the flat as it's downstairs and after dropping of your shoes you then go upstairs where the rest of the flat is. It's a bit unusual but I actually quite like it.

An entrance should most of all be welcoming but instead it's often a neglected place. The entrance is a room of transition; you are either on your way out or just got back home. Practicality is a very important aspect of every entrance hall as it's the place where you hang up your coat, take of your shoes, drop of your key, umbrella, gloves, hat scarves etc... Aesthetics usually play a minor role unless you have plenty of space (something that doesn't usually happen in London)!

Homes & Garden

If I had a bigger hallway I would use it to display my books. As you can see, I'm in desperate need for more book space...

One thing I always try to do is making sure that my doormat looks nice and inviting. If it looks old and scruffy, I throw it out and replace it with a new one!

What's your entrance like? What tricks did you use to make it look welcoming?

(images 3-8 Living etc)


  1. The first one is my favourite, lots of storage and somewhere to sit while removing the footwear. I don't really have an entrance hall, the door opens right into an open plan living room/kitchen/diner.

  2. I like the idea of a small hallway with a bench to sit and tie or untie your shoes. Of course, a mirror for a final look before heading out the door.

  3. This is very true darling...sadly..mine looks a bit sad..its just too narrow to do anything with it really...but perhaps a few prints? got me thinking now :)

  4. Lovely pics!! I like the first one, I have hooks similar to those in my entranceway ~ Tina x

  5. Prints sounds good. I'm sure they will light up your hallway, no matter how small it is! Send us a pic and let's come up with some ideas ;-)

  6. Mine it's small, with 4 doors, a curtain that cover an hiding-place...and I must paint it!
    now is red...doors are pale will be white with red cieling. I guess I can do a b&a post.

  7. Hi Massi,

    A red ceiling? Is your ceiling very high then? Because it will come down when you paint it a dark colour. Interesting though. How about white walls and red doors rather than a red ceiling? Sorry, just thinking out loud! Please, please, please do a b&a post!!!

  8. Love that wall mounted drawer unit!

    I think a major addition to brighten a hallway or entrance is fresh flowers or twigs. In Winter and in the evenings (and ALWAYS when we have guests..) I light candles on the table of our entrance. Sometimes I put lanterns outside the front door (steps) to extend the welcoming gesture..