Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Quick catch-up

It's Wednesday already and I'm so behind with letting you know how I got on on the weekend. I did actually manage to get most of the work done and my lighting plan is finished. It is actually really interesting when you get into it and I'm really pleased with what I developed. It's my first one so it's something special. I assume that some of you are doing this sort of thing on an almost daily basis and might not be interested in this kind of topic but I was thinking of dedicating a whole post to lighting requirements and plans only. Anybody interested? I will obviously need a bit more time to do that so it might have to wait till the weekend when I can think clearly again.
It's been manic at work the last three days. I'm going to Amsterdam next week to see a Dutch publisher and am in the middle of my preparation. In addition to that I had to develop a floor plan for the bedroom some friends of mine to help them decide where to put their furniture. I also managed to handcraft a Christmas card. It's supposed to be one of three that I wanted to give away on my blog since it's almost Christmas. But you will have to wait a little longer since I haven't found the time yet to create the other two cards...
Well, how have you been getting on since the weekend? I noticed that I have some more readers now. Welcome to my blog!! I hope you enjoy it and I will try to blog more regularly again. Promised. In the meantime I make up for my recent absence with some eye candy.

Speak to you soon,
(image: House Beautiful)