Monday, 9 November 2009

An Education

I went to see An Education last week and can only recommend it. Set in the 1960s in suburban London, it tells the story of attractive and intelligent 16-year-old Jenny who can’t wait to escape the tedious routine of everyday life. Aiming for a place in Oxford, Jenny spends everyday studying to keep up the good grades.Her only rebellation against her strict father is locking herself in her room to smoke cigarettes and listen to French music.
When charming but older playboy David comes into her life one rainy afternoon, Jenny gets a glimpse of what life could be like. With invitations to classical concerts, art auctions, smoky bars, and late-night suppers he wraps Jenny and her parents around his little finger and let’s her doubt everything that she used to thrive for.
Jenny wants to escape and is tempted by the life David offers her. She has to decide whether she still wants to Oxford to fulfill her dreams or if there is a shorter way to the life she aspires to.
If you have the chance you should go and see it!

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