Monday, 12 October 2009

Hello everybody

hello, my name is nadine and i'm very new to the world of blogging (shame on me!).
i was born in Berlin, germany but am currently living in london, which i'm enjoying very much. i'm working in publishing at the moment. studying english and american literature, culture and linguistics this has always been the industry i wanted to get into. having moved to england and getting my own place i started to develop and interest in interior design that turned into an addiction. now no day passes without me researching new design ideas and looks. after several friends told me that Ii should have become an interior designer rather than a book-lover (which i can't help either), i enrolled in an interior design course and here i am, studying for an interior design diploma. i thought i start this blog to get some order into all the ideas that are going through my head and all the inspirational things i come across while researching for my design projects.

let's see how it all works out!


Pics fom my hometown

An der Spree

Brandenburger Tor

Alte Nationalgalerie

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