Friday, 17 June 2011


I'm a great fan of Danish design and it's on my to do list to visit Copenhagen for a long weekend to explore its furniture shops and soak in the Scandinavian lifestyle.

What makes Danish design so attractive for me is the simplicity and the seeming effortlessness that comes with it. Developed in mid 20th century, Danish design is mostly functional like the iconic Arne Jacobsen chair that you probably all know. But it's not just about functionality. Danish design is also fun! I love the colours and bold patterns that you often find on Scandinavian homeware.

I find that you can add these timeless items to any design to make it look temporary and stylish. Therefore, I'm always on the lookout for where to buy Danish items and today I'd like to share my newest find with you:

Cloudberry is an online shop, specialising in Scandinavian gifts and home accessories. They stock all major Scandinavian brands and here is a little preview of my favourite items. Hope you like them!

Loving the Arne Jacobsen chairs!

Isn't this plate adorabale???

Great idea for a headboard!

These would look good as floor cushions!

So cute!!!

(photos: Cloudberry)


  1. I love everything Nordic (figures!)
    Danish, Swedish and Norwegian design have all come a long way the later years and maybe especially when it comes to interior and furniture design. But clothes are getting there as well :)


  2. Simply love those knitted pillows and baskets!

    Have a wonderful weekend, Nadine!

  3. Thanks both for your comments. Have a lovely weekend too!

  4. You definitely should come, but you better give yourself longer than a weekend! :-) We absolutely love it here and are constantly inspired by the incredible Danish design!

  5. The design is so lovely. It is very refreshing and cool in eyes that's why I much love it.

  6. Modern contemporary furniture is known for its quality and craftsmanship. Apart from highlighting various design and styles the pieces are known for their functionality as well. With minimal designs and structure coupled with ergonomics the furniture is well suited for any kind of decor.

  7. Modern style was what i have notice, from the patterns and theme to the arrangement of the furniture. I was great, I can see that you have a great eye in choosing your furniture.

  8. Very unusual. Danish design is so eclectic...Love it!

  9. I am not that familiar with Danish designs but I find it cute. I love the idea of the bedroom! It feels so cozy.

  10. Love all the wallpapers, think I need to investigate this shop asap!