Wednesday, 27 January 2010

New to blogger?

I started my blog a few month ago to keep track of all the things that insprire me and that I come across during my Interior Design course. I find it very useful as I have all my favourite magazines, shops and images in one place. It's like a database that you can always get back to and following other blogs gives me the chance to exchange ideas with all those that are into the same things as me. Nevertheless, I'm sometimes a bit unmotivated as my list of followers is rather moderate , to say the least. It feels very hard to find a niche and establish yourself in the world of blogs, where there are thousands of blogs on each topic already.
Are you new to the blogger world as well? What motivates you to blog and what are your experiences? It would be great to hear your ideas, problems, solutions etc. Let's start a conversation as I'm very keen to hear what you think about this!!!


1 comment:

  1. Yes, there are thousands of blogs out there but seem to be coming back to yours! Enjoy your pictures and writings :-)