Tuesday, 27 October 2009

That's life

Today will be a tough day since I will be hold in meetings all day and won't hardly have any time to get my daily design fix during my lunch break. That's why I'm already online although still in bed. I hate days that I can't read design blogs or a design magazine to get inspired and dream of a better future where I can make my money designing other people's homes. It's not that I have an unsatisfying job (mmh, maybe I do) but I'd love to be more creative during work. At the moment I work for a big publishing house but unfortunately I'm not involved in creating the books but in selling them to foreign countries. It's interesting as well but I'm itching for something new. Oh, well... Today we will have a post-Frankfurt meeting where we will discuss how our new books were received by the international publishing world.
I found this photo on verhext this morning which cheered me up.

(image: normadicway, via verhext)

Speak to you soon,

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