Friday, 23 October 2009

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I must admit I’m a big fan of canopy beds or four poster beds. Whenever I’m researching hotels before we go on holidays, I fall for the ones who advertise a four poster bed in their rooms. Unfortunately, I’ve never been lucky enough to get exactly that room. Well, that would be lucky, wouldn’t it. But these special rooms are hidden away and only revealed to special guests at a special price. Therefore, I haven’t had the pleasure yet to sleep in a four poster bed but I’m sure one day I can make that dream happen. In the meantime I came across a website that explained how to create your own canopy bed. Well, it’s not really a canopy bed but it looks like one so it could well be a solution in the meantime.

It seems to be quite easy:

1. Measure the distance between the 4 corners of the bed and between the floor and the ceiling.

2. Buy 8 separate pieces of material (4 for the vertical drapes and 4 drapes of material between
the rings), big rings and hooks to attach the rings to the ceiling.

3. Install the hooks with rings in the ceiling.

4. Tie one vertical drape on each ring and let it hang down. The other four pieces of material
each have to be tied to the ring on one end and draped across the bed to the other ring.

For more detailed descriptions go to: ehow
Let me know if it works!!

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